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Stealth is an invite-only community for business builders.

If you're here, it's because a member invited you.


Well done, slick.

Now do something about it.

We're not what you think.

Don't join Stealth if you get excited by a bunch of randos commenting on your shit.

Do join Stealth if you're looking for founder friends you'd trust with your first born.

We've got features.
But that's not why you're joining.

Black Metal


We're all about the programming.

Masterminds, accountability sprints, workshops, and virtual parties.

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That includes IRL stuff, too.

We even had a swanky holiday dinner at Harvard Club.

web photo 3.png


And yeah. Of course we've got Slack.

Connect 24/7 with your

business besties.

Meet our Founding Members

These folks said "hell yes" to Stealth before Stealth was even...Stealth.

Stealth Community is a division of Polymath Media LLC, owned and operated by Kristin Egan.

Wanna talk to me directly? Drop me a line:

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